BOSS Load Assist kits, Tow Kits or Air Bellows kits as they are also known are the most popular airbag kits in the world.
We have been developing these kits using our unique method of incorporating the end brackets as the end cap for the airbag since 1999.
This unique design allows us to fit our airbags into spaces that other airbags just will not fit.
Our LA kits feature the new BOSS EX-2 series airbags. This new airbag design was implemented in January 2014 and comes with a three year leak-free and burst proof guarantee. We manufacture the airbags and brackets ourselves and although we are often copied our continued commitment to development and superior design enables us to stay years ahead of the competition.
The airbags and brackets are placed between the chassis and the axle and allow the user to add or lower air pressure to keep the vehicle leveled when loaded or unloaded.
In most cases the airbag kits are 100% bolt on however on a few vehicles drilling of the chassis may be required. This only applies to the F250 and F350 Ford Pickups as the best placement for the airbags is off the side of the chassis where there are no mounting holes from the factory.
A schrader valve panel is supplied with the kit however we manufacture a wide range of On Board Air and in-cab inflation kits as well should you want to adjust air pressure from the comfort of the drivers seat.
We use 5 ~6mm steel for our brackets and in most cases gold zinc plate them for a nice finish.
On the smaller vehicles or where there isn't enough space we use our #2500LB bags and on the bigger vehicles or where room permits we use #2600 or #2630 BOSS bags. Lifted situations we can use the 2630 BOSS bags for 10" or wheel travel.